Jackery's Explorer 290 and SolarSaga 100W solar panel bundle together at $430 in New Green Deals (2023)

Jackery's Explorer 290 and SolarSaga 100W solar panel bundle together at $430 in New Green Deals (1)

Are you planning to hit the road this spring and camp out? Well, with the Jackery Explorer 290 portable power station and SolarSaga 100W panel, you’ll find that running your entire campsite with ease. There’s a standard AC outlet to run small appliances and more, plus two 2.4A USB-A ports as well. Then, since today’s kit includes a solar panel you won’t have to worry about plugging the system back into a wall or car to charge and can enjoy that off-grid life for longer. Coming in at $430, today’s discount marks the first sale we’ve seen in over two months and saves $120 from the typical rate. We also have a wide selection of Tesla and e-bike discounts in today’s New Green Deals, so you won’t want to miss that either.

Head below for other New Green Deals that we’ve found today and of courseElectrek’s best EV buyingandleasing deals. Also, check out the newElectrek Tesla Shop for the best deals on Tesla accessories.

Run your campsite without gas or oil

Today only, as part of its Deals of the Day, Best Buy is offering the Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station for $429.98 shipped bundled with a SolarSaga 100W Panel. Down from $550, today’s deal marks the best price that we’ve seen since early December when it fell to $352. Coming in at $120 off the typical rate, this 22% discount makes now a great time to pick up this kit. Delivering a 290Wh capacity and the ability to output up to 200W of continuous power, this portable battery is ready to handle whatever your camping needs are. With dual 2.4A USB-A ports, DC inputs, and up to a 200W 110V AC output, there’s plenty of plug options to choose from here. On top of including the power station, you’ll also be getting a 100W solar panel that allows you to recharge the Explorer 290 while on-the-go. That’s right, if you’re traveling or on a campsite, simply plug the solar panel into the Explorer 290 and let the sun top the battery off so it’s ready to go all night again. Of course, not a single drop of gas or oil is required for this power station to function, making it a green choice as well.

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Jackery's Explorer 290 and SolarSaga 100W solar panel bundle together at $430 in New Green Deals (2)

Begin your off-grid journey with these solar panel

HQSTSolar (95% positive feedback past 12 months) via Amazon is offering its100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel for$71.99 shipped. Down from $85, this discount marks a return to the all-time low that we’ve seen only once in the past. Designed to help you start your off-grid journey, this 100W solar panel has the ability to output up to 500Wh per day with five hours of sunlight. You can pair multiple panels together for more power, should the need arise. Each panel can withstand winds of up to 2400Pa and snow up to 5400Pa as well, and they have an IP65 water-resistance rating so you can leave them outdoors without worrying about any damage coming. Plus, HQST pre-drills the panels for easier mounting whether you’re using Z-brackets, pole mounts, or tilt mounts. So, if you’re looking to finally start a off-grid journey, thenthese solar panelsare perfect for the job.

Jackery's Explorer 290 and SolarSaga 100W solar panel bundle together at $430 in New Green Deals (3)

Ride around town seated on Razor’s UB1 electric scooter at a new low of $238 (Reg. $500)

Amazon is offering theRazor UB1 Seated Electric Scooter for$238.22 shipped. Typically going for $500 at Amazon, today’s deal marks a new all-time low that we’ve tracked at Amazon. In fact, it comes in at $95 below our last mention from October. This scooter makes it easier to get around the city than traditional models, thanks to its built-in seat and 8-inch pneumatic tires. The thumb-activated variable-speed electric throttle lets you easily cruise around at up to 13.5 MPH without having to twist your wrist. Plus, the battery lasts for up to 40 minutes before it’s time to plug in. Thanks to the aforementioned battery, you won’t have to worry about using a single drop of gas or oil when traveling on this scooter either.

Jackery's Explorer 290 and SolarSaga 100W solar panel bundle together at $430 in New Green Deals (4)

New Tesla deals

After checking out the Jackery Explorer 290 kit on sale above, if you keep read, you’ll find a selection of new green deals that will make your Tesla experience better in multiple areas. From storage to keep recordings on to phone mounts, car chargers, and anything else we can find, it’ll be listed below. Each day we’ll do our best to find new and exciting deals and ways for you to save on fun accessories for your Tesla, making each trip unique. For more gift ideas and deals, check outthe best Tesla shop. Keep reading on for e-bike, Greenworks, and other great deals.

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Jackery's Explorer 290 and SolarSaga 100W solar panel bundle together at $430 in New Green Deals (5)

New e-bike deals + electric scooter discounts

If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the sunshine still after using your new electric mower, than we recommend you experience it than on another e-bike or electric scooter you just got at a fantastic price through one of our deals and sale below. You can use it for fun, exercise, or even transportation to and from work or the coffee shop. We have several people here that will regularly commute to coffee shops or offices on their e-bike, as it cuts down on fossil fuel usage as well as allows them to enjoy some time outdoors on nice sunny days. Below, you’ll find a wide selection of new e-bike deals and electric scooter deal in all price ranges, so give it a look if that’s something you’d be interested in picking up. As always, the newest e-bike deal and electric scooter discounts and sales will be at the top, so shop quick as the discounts are bound to go away soon.

Jackery's Explorer 290 and SolarSaga 100W solar panel bundle together at $430 in New Green Deals (6)

Additional New Green Deals

After shopping the Jackery Explorer 290 kit on sale above, be sure to check out the other discounts we found today. These new green deals are wide-ranging from outdoor lawn equipment to anything else we find that could save you money in various ways, be that cutting gas and oil out of your life or just enjoying other amenities that energy-saving gear can bring. As always, the newest deals will be at the top, so shop quick as the discounts are bound to go away soon.

  • Your yard will thank you for gettingthis$155electric dethatcher
  • Sun Joe’s electric pressure washer doesn’t need gas or oilat low of$67
  • Start your solar journey withRenogy’s 100W panel/controller kit at$113
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How long does it take to charge a Jackery 290? ›

How Long Does It Take to Recharge? The Jackery 290 portable power station typically takes eight hours to charge whether you're using a 120-volt wall outlet or a 12-volt car charge. Additionally, if you're using the Explorer 50W Solar Panel it will take around 10 hours.

How long do Jackery solar panels last? ›

What is the life expectancy of a Jackery portable power station? All Jackery portable power stations contain lithium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are typically rated for 500 complete charge cycles and/or 2 - 3 years.

How long does it take for a Jackery solar panel to charge? ›

Full Solar Charge in 1.8 Hours: With an AC input up to 800W, pairing with 4*200W Solar Panels, the Explorer 1000 Pro takes 1.8 hours for full solar or wall charge. Compatible with all Jackery solar panels - perfect for camping and outages.

Can you use a 100W solar panel with a Jackery 240? ›

The best way to utilize the full power of 100W solar panels is by combining them with the Jackery Power Station Explorer 240/300/500/1000/1500. The combination is helpful to power your small and large appliances during hiking, camping, climbing, hiking, and during unexpected power outages.

Can I leave my Jackery plugged in all the time? ›

Keeping the Jackery plugged into your wall will mean that it's always fully charged and ready for use. Jackery recommends that you discharge the Explorer 1000 every three months to keep the batteries in good shape.

How long will a Jackery run a fridge? ›

Jackery Portable Power Station

Recharge a typical smartphone up to 30 times on a single charge. Recharge a laptop 2-4 times. Power a mini fridge up to 20 hours.

Is Jackery worth the money? ›

Bottom line: Jackery's solar panels are compact, lightweight, really simple to use, and implement perfectly with the main unit. They provide a useful way to help keep your unit topped up and are well worth the money, even in comparison to hard wired solar panels you can buy.

Can Jackery solar panels be in the rain? ›

Q: Are the foldable solar modules waterproof? A: Yes, the product meet IP67 water proof, which maximize the lifespan of the module, it should not get wet.

Will a Jackery 500 power a refrigerator? ›

The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station can run a mini-fridge for 8 hours or more. If you want to get something smaller than the Explorer 1000, the Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station will power a mini-fridge for 3+ hours, and the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station will power one for 8+ hours.

Can you overcharge a Jackery? ›

The onboard battery management system keeps the Explorer 1500 from overcharging, and Jackery states that you can leave the device plugged into AC power without any ill effects. The internal lithium-ion battery is rated for 800 cycles.

How long will a Jackery run a TV? ›

The Jackery Explorer 240 can power a TV for over three hours. What if a game lasts for longer than three hours? That could be a problem unless you have the optional Solar Panel that works in conjunction with the Explorer 240 to take the power of the sun and turn it into power for your electronics.

Can you jump start a car with a Jackery? ›

Can a Jackery Power Station Jumpstart My Car? No, you cannot jumpstart a car with a Jackery Power Station. But you can charge a car's battery with a power station. So you can use your Jackery product to get the battery charged enough so that you don't need to jumpstart it.

How many watts can a Jackery 290 handle? ›


Note that the total rated wattage should be under 200W (surge 400W). If the device power is outside this range, the Explorer 290 may shut down.

Can a Jackery 240 power an air conditioner? ›

Multifunctional Outputs: The Jackery Explorer 240 has a 240 watt-hour (16.8Ah, 14.4V) lithium-ion battery pack. It features 1* AC outlet (110V 200W, 400W peak), 2* USB-A ports, and 1* DC carport. Power many types of equipment such as a phone, laptop, light, fan, mini cooler, etc.

Can Jackery 240 power a fridge? ›

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

The 240 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack uses a pure sine inverter to power your devices through one of four ports. Whether it's powering your phone, laptop, or mini-fridge, the Explorer 240 can handle it on the go.

How often should I charge my Jackery? ›

A: To keep the battery in best shape as possible, we recommend charging your Jackery every 3 - 6 months. With proper care, you can expect to get a whopping 500 cycles until to 80% capacity!

Will Jackery drain car battery? ›

Since the input is limited to a maximum of 42W, if you're taking more than 42W on the output side then it will still drain the battery eventually.

Can you use a Jackery in the house? ›

Jackery solar generators don't require fossil fuels or emit fumes, they can safely be used indoors.

What is the best Jackery for refrigerator? ›

Two best Jackery solar generators that can power your refrigerator for hours include Jackery solar power 1500 and 2000 Pro. Jackery Solar Generator 1500 and 4 SolarSaga 100-watt panels can keep your large refrigerator running for nearly 3 hours. Meanwhile, you can keep your mini cooler (60W) charged for 21 hours.

Can a Jackery run a deep freezer? ›

Whether it is charging your phone and other small devices, or running a freezer, you can't go wrong with Jackery!

Is Jackery made by Honda? ›

Brand Power:

Jackery has been chosen by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. to develop a best‐in‐class consumer offering of outdoor portable power stations, with a focus on eco-friendly lithium-ion portable power for those on the move.

Is Jackery a Chinese company? ›

Jackery, a brand under the Shenzhen-headquartered company Hello Tech (Chinese: 华宝新能) as being the global leader of innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solutions, offers products that are stylish, environmentally friendly, and can easily be incorporated into most outdoor lifestyles.

Can Jackery run an AC? ›

The Jackery Explorer is a great choice for a portable power station, as it is equipped with a higher capacity battery and a more efficient AC inverter. This means you can easily use it to power your electric grill, coffee maker, hair dryer, and even your air conditioner while camping.

What happens if Jackery solar panel gets wet? ›

Your Jackery Solar Panel can lose efficiency if it gets wet. It can also cause the ports to malfunction if water gets in those.

Do Jackery solar panels work on cloudy days? ›

Jackery offers a variety of solar panels to meet your needs. From SolarSaga 200W, 100W, and 80W, our advanced technologies can help you capture maximum light even in the shade or on cloudy days.

What happens to solar panels during rainy season? ›

Yes, a solar system's “amount of electricity generated” lowers during rain or clouds. However, the system still generates energy. Solar panels are waterproof components, so one does not have to be concerned with water damage. In fact, hard rain can be beneficial by naturally washing away dust and pollen.

Can a Jackery 500 run an air conditioner? ›

Jackery 500W is the most popular generator for 5000 BTU air conditioner. You can get it here.

Can you run a microwave on a Jackery? ›

A: Yes, most of them. Microwaves run between 600-1200 watts. Just check that yours is under 1000w. With this Jackery Explorer 1000 you can power anything under 1000w.

Can a Jackery 500 power a toaster oven? ›

Here is a quick list of common items that are under 500W that the Jackery would be able to power: What is this? Some items that are going to require too much power for the Jackery Explorer 500 are going to be: Toaster Oven.

Can you charge a Jackery with any solar panel? ›

This makes it compatible with solar panels from companies like Renogy, HQST, Newpowa, Eco-Worthy, and WindyNation. If you have the Jackery Explorer 1000 (click to view on Amazon) which has an Anderson Power Pole input next to the 8mm input, you can use an adapter like this (click to view on Amazon).

Can I leave a portable power station plugged in all the time? ›

Overcharging: If you leave your device plugged in after it's fully charged, the battery will slowly wear down. This is because a regular charger continues to send power to the battery even after it's reached its maximum capacity. The battery will start charging slowly and its lifespan will decrease.

Can Jackery be charged from cigarette lighter? ›

You can charge the Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station either from a household power outlet, your car's cigarette lighter charger, or through solar panels.

Can you use an extension cord with a Jackery? ›

This 5m extension cable can be used to extend the Jackery SolarSaga's output cable. This cable allows you to keep you Jackery Explorer in a convenient position (and/or out of the sun) while positioning your Jackery solar panel in optimal sunshine.

Can you run a heater on a Jackery? ›

A: Unlikely. Most space heaters use up to 1,500 watts to run. This is well above the Jackery 500's max of 500 watts.

How long will Jackery 300 run a TV? ›

Jackery Explorer 300 ----- (293 Wh * . 85 efficiency) / 280 watt device = 0.89 hours (53 minutes) of active run-time. (retails for $300 on Amazon; weighs 7.1 lbs.)

How long does it take to charge a car battery with Jackery? ›

The 12V Automotive Battery Charging Cable from Jackery allows you to charge your 12V/10A lead-acid car battery from an optional Jackery Power Station. A 40-60Ah battery will recharge in approximately 15-20 minutes, and a 60-100Ah battery in about 30-40 minutes.

Can a Jackery 300 start a car? ›

Sorry that the Jackery power station can't jump start the car, it only can charge the batt…

Can a Jackery 300 power a microwave? ›

It's got enough power to run most household appliances, but a toaster oven, microwave, or larger space heater is too much for it (it safely shuts off if you draw too much power).

How long will a Jackery 300 run a box fan? ›

When its battery is fully charged, Jackery's gadget ran this fan on high speed for 8 hours and 42 minutes before it hit 20%. That's amazing! She'll be able to keep cool all day. It would be even longer if I set the fan to low speed.

Can a Jackery run an electric blanket? ›

The Jackery Explorer 1000 can power one of those heating blankets continuously for 14 hours straight. The Explorer 500 can continuously power a 60W heating blanket for 7 hours. That's a lot of toasty warm winter camping time.

Can you run window AC on Jackery? ›

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro (Explorer 2000 Pro + SolarSaga 200W) The Jackery solar generator 2000 Pro comes with 2,160 Wh capacity, 2,200W AC power, and 4,400W peak power. You can run a large window AC on this generator and other appliances.

Can a Jackery 240 power a hair dryer? ›

see less No. The Jackery Explorer 240 is limited to a max rate of only 200 watts (1.8 amps @ 110V AC); so it will not work. In addition it only has a battery capacity of 242 Wh (watt hours). For a small 1,000 watt hair dryer, I would suggest the Jackery Explorer 1000.

How long will a 240Wh battery last? ›

For example, its 240Wh will recharge a tablet 7+ times, smartphone 20+ times, laptop 3+ times, a GoPro 40+ times or even power a car cooler for 6+ hours or a 32” TV for 3+ hours. If you're camping, the Explorer 240 will power a 5W light for 40+ hours. In other words, it should easily power a weekend camping trip.

Can you charge Jackery 240 with 100W solar panel? ›

Single SolarSaga 100W can charge the Jackery Explorer 240/300/500 in 4/5/9.5 hours to power your appliances. On the other hand, you'll need two SolarSaga 100 to power Explorer 1000 Pro within 8 hours.

How many times can you recharge a Jackery 240? ›

All Jackery portable power stations use lithium ion batteries, which are typically rated to last for 500 cycles, or 2-3 years.

How many times will a Jackery 240 charge a cell phone? ›

The Jackery Explorer 240 is a small and light portable power station. This is not a tiny battery pack that fits in your pocket and charges your phone once. This is a bigger power station that you can take with you on road trips, camping or have for emergencies at home that can charge your phone more than 20 times.

How do I know when my Jackery is fully charged? ›

The Jackery Explorer is fully charged when the light stops blinking and remains solid . . ." When your power station is fully charged, you should unplug the charger from the wall outlet and also unplug the charger from the power station.

Can I use my Jackery while charging? ›

Yes, you can use Jackery while charging. The Jackery 1000 generator has a pass-through charger, which means you can run your items and top up the unit at the same time. This inverter generator has a handy input and output display so you can see how much power you are using and putting in at the same time.

How long does it take to charge a Jackery 300? ›

2.5 Hours to Full Recharge: Charging by a 90W wall charger and 60W USB-C PD charger simultaneously, the Explorer 300 can be charged to 80% in only 2 hours. You can also recharge the Explorer 300 via a solar panel, car, or generator.

Is Jackery a good brand? ›

Jackery is one of the best known brands for producing high quality, portable power stations. What is this? We first came across them in 2020 when a number of fellow van lifers started talking more and more about these so-called "portable power stations" and "solar generators".

Can you charge Jackery 300 while using it? ›

You can use this while it's charging. You might want extension cord(s) if you want to work away from the solar panel, or get more than one power station and run from one while the other is charging.

Can I run an air conditioner on a Jackery? ›

The Jackery Explorer is a great choice for a portable power station, as it is equipped with a higher capacity battery and a more efficient AC inverter. This means you can easily use it to power your electric grill, coffee maker, hair dryer, and even your air conditioner while camping.

What happens if I overload my Jackery? ›

And if you overload it, it has protection built in that turns it off immediately. Unlike the RavPower you can turn the AC socket back on again immediately and plug in something it is capable of powering. And this output power reading will also let you estimate how long you can run a device for.

Can a Jackery battery power a refrigerator? ›

Jackery power solar generators are a great way to use clean solar energy to power your appliances. For example, you can power a large refrigerator during a power outage, off-grid living, or carry the generator during camping to charge a mini cooler.

Should I charge Jackery to 100 percent? ›

I usually store my Jackery between 50% - 80% charged; as opposed to keeping it 100% charged. This is a little easier on the lithium ion battery. Of course you may want to keep Jackery fully charged in case of an emergency, and that's fine also. Then just use and charge up unit every 3 months to maximize lifespan.


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